Fundraising Events

B orderless World Volunteers conducts a wide variety of fundraising events throughout the year. The McGill University Chapter divides its fundraising into both On-Campus and Off-Campus events. On-Campus Fundraising Includes: Silent Auctions, Valentine's Day Rose Sales, Grilled Cheese Sales, Samosa Sales, Bake Sales, etc. While Off-Campus Fundraising Includes: Art Sales, Restaurant Nights, Concerts, Clubbing Nights, Open-Mic Nights, etc.

BWV also oversees two yearly conferences. The Global Development Forum is an annual forum organized by Borderless World Volunteers (McGill Chapter) where individuals, from a variety of backgrounds ranging from academia to entrepreneurship, speak on various topics related to development. The International Food Festival is an initiative taken by Borderless World Volunteers, McGill Chapter, to showcase the diverse cultures of the developing world. It is an opportunity to share the voices of the traditions in developing countries through two main modes: food and entertainment. You can learn more about these conferences below.

All of the profits incurred from these fundraisers go directly back to financing our development projects during the summer. All expenses besides transportation are covered by BWV for our international development volunteers, and fundraisers play an especially important role in our yearly operations. Our fundraising endeavours typical revolve around the interests of our volunteers and executive members, all of whom play a crucial role in the planning and execution of the event(s).