La Casa de Panchita



La Casa de Panchita

Organization Mission

La Casa de Panchita fosters domestic worker’s self-esteem, the implementation of their rights and the compliance with their duties. They promote their empowerment and improve their autonomy so that they can make better decisions in all aspects of their lives. Moreover, children and adolescents in child domestic labor (CDL) take part in Sunday sessions, during which they are provided with a balanced nutrition and educational support.

Borderless World Team

Nicole Dubois, Katia Fontarensky, Dunya Oguz
  • Promote domestic workers’ and children’s rights and empowerment.
  • Support in implementing a school tutoring program and dancing class workshops.
  • Worked with children in an after school tutoring program, taught English courses to adults, assisted in various workshops for women.
  • Led a new dance workshop for the women.
  • Filmed a short promotional video for the organization, for which they interviewed program beneficiaries and other individuals who worked with the NGO.