Tumaini Community Development Centre



Tumaini Community Development Centre

Organization Mission

To prove sustainable support services in alleviating poverty and bettering living standards of all members of the community through the development of strategies and initiatives at a grass roots level within the community.

Borderless World Team

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  • Lack of teacher training opportunities and poor communication with parents.
  • Support for a community garden, through which community members could learn about organic and sustainable gardening.
  • Held teacher seminars to improve teaching methods, established a Parent-Teacher Association, and created a budget system for school expenses.
  • Set up a health and hygiene program through which the students are now required to brush their teeth upon arriving at school and, wash their hands before meals and after using the latrine.
  • Supported efforts of the Tumaini Green Revolution Community Garden, including weeding and other manual labor in the garden.
  • Helped develop plans for future growth and development, including brainstorming ideas for an income generating project and the possible development of HIV/AIDS support groups in the area.