Organization Mission

UNiTED believes that improving community health and healthcare are the first critical steps to greater community development.  When people are healthier, they can spend more time in school, at work, in the marketplace, and taking part in local government.  They can raise their families' education level and income, which in turn will lead to better health and prosperity. They envision a world where health and access are not barriers to this prosperity.

Borderless World Team

Kathleen Barera, Andrew Hassan, Marion Lugagne Delpon
  • Better understand how health issues affect local residents to help local health centers provide better care
  • Provide child care, medical attention, and educational support to children and community members in need
  • Spearheaded an HIV awareness campaign in a rural fishing community through community meetings and developing pamphlets and banners that explained how to practice safe sex
  • Tutored beneficiaries of a children’s home on various topics, including math, science, English, and health education or something related to creative arts. Also organized special activities for the children during the holiday schedule
  • Updated the community map to include new buildings and institutions, notably health centers and play areas through interviews and community visits