Volta Aid Foundation (VAF) and The Friend’s Foundation



Volta Aid Foundation (VAF) and The Friend’s Foundation

Organization Mission

Volta Aid Foundation was formed to assist those people in the community who needed help and has subsequently grown to incorporate outlying areas. The Friend’s Foundation is an orphanage that serves 35 children and is a haven to help children who have endured suffering either from neglect, abuse, poverty, child labor, child trafficking and death of parents.

Borderless World Team

Noemie Knebelmann, Renaud Comba, Alice Escande, Fabien Daudier and Diana Famintsyna
  • Support needed in the middle school to teach classes
  • Caring for children living in the orphanage
  • Taught in a middle school called El-Shaddai International School
  • Took care of kids in an orphanage called “The Friends Children’s Home”
  • Created a volleyball field, developed an after-class program, held summer classes and HIV/AIDS prevention presentations at Senior High Schools
  • Held meetings with the local women as well as with women leaders of the surrounding communities to start a sustainable women support group